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Reading Comes to Life at the Media Center: a Visit from the Real D.W.

October 11, 2008 coloring pages of D.W.

First and second graders got a real treat at the Media Center last month – a visit from the real D.W.!

D.W., for the uninitiated, is Arthur’s pre-school-aged sister. And Arthur is an 8-year-old aardvark, the title character in author Marc Brown’s extensive book series and PBS cartoon series.

D.W. might be described as a pesky little sister – outspoken, precocious, sometimes antagonistic. Here’s a passage from Brown’s Arthur’s Chicken Pox (1994, Little, Brown & Company), when Arthur gets sick and may have to miss his family’s weekend trip to the circus:

“Well, how’s our little patient?” D.W. asked Arthur the next afternoon.
“Still itchy,” said Arthur. “And still sick.”
“That’s too bad,” said D.W.
She moved the telephone near Arthur.
“Excuse me,” she said.  “I have to make an important call.”
“Hello, Emily? I have an extra ticket for the circus on Saturday. Want to go with me? … Great! Bye.”
“Mom!” moaned Arthur.  “D.W. is torturing me.”

The real D.W. – the author’s inspiration for the character – is Marc Brown’s real sister, Kim Brown.  Kim Brown came to the George Watts Media Center for an hour-long visit with students.  She introduced them to the characters in her brother’s books, showed them a family photo album, answered questions, read a book, and taught kids how to draw Arthur.

Simple steps to draw Arthur - click here!

Simple steps to draw Arthur - click here!

This special event was made possible by the Durham County Library, in cooperation with Kay Ham, George Watts Media Coordinator.  Thank you to Mrs. Ham and Durham County Library for helping reading come to life for our students!!

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