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Get Involved!

August 26, 2009

Volunteering with your PTA is a great way to make a big difference for teachers, students, and parents.

The PTA has 7 active committees that depend on volunteers like you.  Read below to see how you would like to get involved!

1. Fundraising Committee
Contact Stephanie Brennan aka “Coach B” – or 560-3947

We make it fun and easy for people to support the school.  We plan activities to raise money for school needs and improvements that would otherwise go unfunded – classroom supplies, field trips, science and technology purchases, grounds work, and various other programs. We’ve raised money through the “Just One Check” direct donation drive, the Great Human Race, Yard/Bake Sales, and more.

2. S.O.S. (“Support Our Schools”) Committee
Contact Angie Douglas – or 479-2015

We also raise money for school programs, but in a very specific way: by watching sports! We organize volunteers to work the concession stand at Duke home games. The PTA gets a share of the proceeds – $2500+ every year!

3. Edible Garden Committee
Contact Alice Bumgarner – or 680-8674

We’re creating an outdoor learning environment at our school.  This past summer, volunteers broke ground and got the rainwater catchment system and planting beds in place.  There’s lots more to come!

4. Grounds Committee
Contact Jane Brown – or 323-1806

Our mission is to create and maintain an attractive, creative and fun atmosphere outside the school. We’ve organized spring and fall Grounds Work Days, when dozens of volunteers come and rake, weed, mulch, beautify the school grounds, and use fun power tools!  We’ve also written proposals and won grants for big improvements like new playground equipment, major landscaping projects, and azalea plantings.

5. Parent Involvement Committee
Contact Carolina Musawwir – or 699-1274

We look for ways to get all parents involved to build a sense of community within the school. This is a bilingual (English/Spanish) committee. In recent years, we’ve organized fun events and activities like the annual carnival, folk dancing classes, and multicultural events.

6. Arts & Culture Committee
Contact Kisha Daniels – or 401-9009

We support and provide opportunities that enrich your child’s school experience through music, literature, dance, drama, and visual arts. We work to support the curriculum with enrichment events and are piloting afterschool arts programs.

7. Communications Committee
Contact Karalyn Colopy – or 956-7875

We help parents stay connected by maintaining a steady flow of information.  We use flyers, bulletin boards, phone messages, newsletters, and this web site! We encourage all teachers and parents to use the PTA listserv ( Great committee for writers, readers, critics (editors), translators, busybodies, and computer geeks!

We know your time and energy are precious.  Be assured that your help will make a difference!

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