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Beautiful New Grounds Improvements

March 30, 2010

Thanks to Alice Bumgarner, Chair, PTA Living Classroom Committee, for these updates:

PTA Arts & Culture Committee Chair Kisha Daniels and husband paint the wall "Picasso blue" to prepare for the mural that Ms. Barnes and GW students are creating.

Have you walked along Urban Ave. lately and seen all the grounds improvements around the school? Gorgeous, right? This month, parent, teacher and student volunteers worked their rears off to plant a fruit garden, build an arbor and prep the playground wall.

Kids 'work' alongside adults on their own building projects, using scrap wood.

Kids help shovel composted soil for the new fruit garden.

Kids really got into planting the fruit garden, shoveling soil, digging holes and generally asking a lot of questions!

If it weren’t for these fabulous volunteers AND a recent crop of donations and grants, we wouldn’t be able to create these wonderful enhancements for our school. Seriously, it takes a lot of people working together to make these sorts of projects happen (funders, designers, idea-contributors, workers, material providers…). Grounds improvements take some work, but they’re also a lot of FUN when a large number of folks show up. So THANK YOU for showing up!

… Thanks to the NC Beautiful, the PTA, Newman & Ann-Louise Aguiar, and Nathan Pienkowski & Brandy Salmon for their donations to the garden. We all appreciate and are enriched by your investment!

… Thanks to Kenneth Luker for designing the arbor, and to the tool-clad building crew for spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon working on our school.

… Thanks to Sarah Vroom of Bountiful Backyards for the garden design and planting-day expertise. And to Nathan Gaddis for hauling some awesome composted soil to our school in his truck trailer.

… And thanks to our FABULOUS George Watts volunteers! You’re the best.

The George Watts 'Guys and Their Tools' Team spent Saturday building a new arbor for the kiwi plants to climb on. As the plants grow larger and fluffier, this passageway will feel like a secret, green tunnel. The team (L to R): Bill Brown, Kenneth Luker, York Phelps, Derek Jones, Ted Murphy.

Finished arbor, where kiwi plants will soon be climbing. (Note parents: Please help us make sure that only the kiwi plants -- not kids -- climb the arbor!)

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