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Farewell Celebration for Mr. Reynolds – Monday, Jan 10, 5:30!

January 4, 2011



A celebration in honor of Sheldon Reynolds, George Watts Assistant Principal, now Lakewood Montessori Middle’s new Principal!

* Monday, January 10

* 5:30 -7:00 pm in the Gym (dinner provided)

(See agenda below, showing order of events for George Watts, Lakewood and joint parts of the evening)

All George Watts and Lakewood staff and families are invited.  Come and share a memory of Mr. Reynolds, and hear what everyone else has to dish up.  ** If you would like to speak during the roast, please contact teacher Mike Rogers by noon on Monday, January 10 **

Mr. Reynolds came to North Carolina and to George Watts two and a half years ago.  Says the Colorado native, “I love the food here!”  And I don’t think he means the George Watts cafe (no offense to the cafe).  So let’s toast and roast with some good southern food and have a good time! A brief PTA meeting will also be part of the evening.

Mr. Reynolds at the 2008 Fall Carnival

*****  Background  ****

In December, George Watts Assistant Principal Sheldon Reynolds was appointed as the new Lakewood Montessori Middle School Principal.  Congratulations, Mr. Reynolds!

Since September 2010, George Watts Principal Patti Crum had been acting temporarily as the principal of both schools, while the search of the permanent Lakewood principal was carried out.  This made a lot of sense especially because Lakewood (which consists of only 6th grade this year) is operating within George Watts’ walls this year.  Mr. Reynolds is now officially the Lakewood Principal, and Ms. Crum continues, of course, to be the George Watts Principal.  A new Assistant Principal for George Watts has not been hired yet to fill Mr. Reynolds’ former position.

Lakewood Montessori’s new school building (at the Lakewood YMCA on Lakewood Ave.) will be open and ready for business for the 2011-2012 school year.  Until then, Mr. Reynolds and all of Lakewood Montessori will remain at George Watts.  So we don’t have to say our final goodbyes yet.  But this is a perfect time to celebrate and wish him well, and who doesn’t love a good roast?

**** Monday’s Agenda ****

School tours for prospective families for both George Watts and Lakewood.

GYM: Dinner for George Watts and Lakewood families.
CAFE: Childcare for school-age children.
MEDIA CENTER: Q&A for prospective Lakewood families. (Afterwards, prospective families are invited to join us in the gym for dinner.)

GYM: George Watts PTA Business Meeting (Lakewood families, please stay around for the celebration to follow!)

GYM: Celebration of Sheldon Reynold’s appointment as Principal of Lakewood.

HALLWAY OUTSIDE MEDIA CENTER: Lakewood breakout for ice cream sundaes.  Current and prospective Lakewood families are invited to attend.
GYM: George Watts wrap-up of the celebration

MEDIA CENTER: Lakewood PTA Meeting

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